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To continue my diabetes journey back in Feb 2016, I had another sinus infection kicking my ass. (I have been plagued with these since childhood and don’t go to the doctor often for them.) The walk in clinic was concerned about my glucose levels for whatever reason as I described my symptoms for my sinus infection. They whipped out the glucometer and my blood sugar was a whooping 81. (As you see, my blood sugar falls back to normal after my morning fasting test & breakfast.)

About a month later, I had a physical with my brand new primary care physician at the request of my insurance company. I was a hot mess. I was getting over the sinus infection, had horrible lower abdominal pain and some funky discharge happening. It was a great way to meet the new doc. Anyways, she made an appearance to care about the side pain by ordering a CT scan and she did my physical. My fasting blood sugar that day was over 180 in her office. Thus she did an A1C test in addition to my other blood work. About a week later, I got a phone call. My blood work is 99% normal and I am good to go, but my calcium levels are extremely low.

Really? It seemed a bit off to me.  As I questioned the results, the nurse kept saying everything is normal over and over again. I requested a copy of my labs and began to see a little different story.

Blood sugar

A1C…5.2%…..6.4+ is diabetes

Fasting Insulin: 32.6 …..4-17 is normal


HDL 33(low) normal 40-90

 LDL 123(high) normal 60-99

 Total 177 normal 140-199

Ratio 5.3 (elevated) normal 1-3.5

What these blood test demonstrate to me is that the individual test show abnormality, but the final conclusion test shows normal. (My thyroid test did the same thing.) This is why I don’t believe the health professional community when they say everything is fine. There is something defiantly wrong with my blood sugar & cholesterol levels. Why aren’t we addressing these issues now before they are a full blown problem? To me this says, the medical community feels I should just let it go until I am a full insulin dependent diabetic like many members of my family. (Also someone my age who has an elevated Cholesterol ratio and who has been known to have high blood pressure regularly, they should have paid attention to my big red flags for heart disease.) We need to pay attention to the little imbalances that forewarn us about the break down to come. If we do, many times we had prevent or decrease the illness by making changes now.


I went to see Dr. G again because my side was still killing me a couple weeks later and my CT scan & ultrasound showed everything being peachy. (Full story on Julianne’s mysterious abdominal/side pain take 3 another day.) While sorting through everything, we got onto my blood sugar issues. We were discussing my symptoms… elevated fasting blood sugar, ravenous eating, sleepy after eating, mood swings from lack of eating, glucose blindness, the blackout I was having, etc. It all adds up to diabetes and impaired ability to process glucose. This is when he slapped with the news that I would need to give up all dairy & grains in my diet and see how it effects my blood sugar. He also put me on Glucabalance an herb to help regulate blood sugar.


I promptly went out and had pizza for dinner in mourning.


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