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Hello! I’m Julianne, and I am so excited that you stumbled upon my wellness blog! Adding to Your Health has been a project that I never quite got around to since 2013. The name has changed several times over the years, but the concept never has. I am so excited to have the ball rolling forward again and to be able to share it with you. Thank you for joining me on this constantly changing and evolving journey to health and wellness.

zoie & I

I am a passionate health care provider that wants to help people achieve their health goals. Throughout the blog, you will learn about my struggles with health and the paths I have taken to move beyond the conventional roads of health care. I see clients all the time struggling to make it through the day with chronic pain & disease. I’m sure you can relate to many of the problems my clients have and I hope that I can help you find solutions to some of those health issues. My experience, knowledge, research, and passions appear across my posts about my journey to a grain & dairy free lifestyle, easy & affordable DYI health & pain management, & tips to detoxify your life so you can start living again.


As you explore this blog, you will discover that I really am a cowgirl that loves farm life. I will try and control myself to keeping that part of my life over on Rambling Cowgirl’s Blog, but I will share some of it here I’m sure. As it is, after all, all about me… (Yes, I am breaking the rules by working on 2 blogs at once, but I have a really hard time focusing on 1 thing at a time. I have to let my true ADD self show somewhere 🙈 ) I have a hard time staying on point, so I thought I would just point out 11 things you don’t know about me but maybe should.

This is my first attempt at an official blog. I have tried to start in the past, but always get hung up on the details and never quite get there. I am an overworked self-employed woman who runs out of time every day and my dreams of starting a wellness blog always seems to get pushed to the back burner. I always have too many irons in the fire and I hope to keep this fire going for a long time.

dan & i 2



My main squeeze is Dan. We have been together for what seems like forever. He was a riding instructor, turned boss, turned friend and then turned cohort. (Yes, cohort. We have been together too long to say “we’re dating”. I used to say my “other half”, but that sent the wrong message to the universe. We really are just partners in crime…accomplices…cohorts. Thus we deemed our unique relationship with a unique title “felicious cohorts”.) We are two peas in a pod always reminiscing about the good old days and dreaming about the future adventures we have yet to tackle. He’s my best friend, number one supporter and usually the only one that can talk reason into me. 😜

Dan & I





I’m a mom of fur babies! Yeppers! (My mother hasn’t forgiven me yet for not giving her more grandbabies to date and she doesn’t think the future looks to promising for them either.) Currently, I have 5 dogs: Alley, Duchess, Trouble, Cowboy (well he’s Dan’s dog), Brave (and he’s belongs to one of Dan’s sons). I refer to all of them as the “psychopaths”. Then I have my beautiful horse, Ellie Mae, the superstar and her babies Eclipse & Riddler.2012-06-08 20.07.36-COLLAGE

My degree is in Equine Science. Yes, I really do have an Associates in horses! I have many more credits towards a bachelor’s of integrated holistic medicine, but the universe didn’t see fit for me to finish that path just yet. I hope to one day to finish my studies to be a naturopathic doctor for my own amusement. I am also a certified Equine Massage Therapist (CEMT) and licensed massage therapist (LMT). Thus I can add 2 titles after my name. I’m still working on a couple more letters to put behind my name like ND. That’s close to being an MD right?😝 LOL

I’m an odd duck full of contradictions. I am a tomboy, but perfectly comfy in a tutu. You will almost always see me dressed in cowboy boots, jean and a button down shirt. I have a spur on my belt buckle and often times on my boots too. Plus, you can almost always guarantee I have a knife on me. I do have a completely girly side too. I spent many years dancing. I have danced at the Mall of America and in Las Vegas. I love dressing up to gdanceo the theater and have no problem walking in 4-5” heels. I am an introvert that loves working with the public. I hate talking to people. I hate answering the phone and I love long trail rides by myself. I love being alone. Well… most of the time. I love to hear people’s stories and adventures. As a massage therapist, I love helping animals & people get relief from chronic emotional and physical pain and see them make improvements with every session.





Pitbulls are my FAVORITE dog breed. I can bore you to death with the facts about Pitbulls that I have acqlook outuired over the years. The breed is so full of history, strength, love and compassion. It is a damn shame the crimes we have committed against them. I hope to one day to be in a position to be able to foster Pitbull litters as I love whelping puppies. This breed needs our support because it is never the breed that we need to worry about, but the deeds that an animal has committed. In my mind, I place breedism right up there with racism… P.S. If you don’t like Pitbulls, I don’t care and we probably will never be friends.






By most people’s standards, I am a cowgirl. I live on a ranch, ride horses, work cattle, and have cattle dogs. Thus equaling cowgirl beyond wearing the dirty boots. I have made most of my living as an adult as a freelance horsewoman doing random activities. I became a saddle tramp at the age of 18 moving out to Arizona with a tentative job & a place to live for a week. I spent most of my time there as a horseback tour guide. I worked a dude ranch in Colorado too. Now, I help on Dan’s family ranch doing trail rides and whatever else is required. I love rounding up cattle as long as there is a dog to go into the brush to flush them out or we are working them in the area. I also used to do mounted shooting once upon a time, before time, money and my thumbs gave out. I don’t spend a lot of time competing and love to spend as much time on the trail as possible.

I LOVE food and you won’t catch anyone saying I’m a picky eater. I’m fortunate enough to come from a house where we ate a little bit of everything growing up. I must say Mexican is probably my favorite food on earth. I used to live on torts & cheese and have the best macaroni and cheese recipe around. No ketchup required! 😠 I have had to change my food style drastically to become grain and dairy free, but luckily I love food and I am a good creative cook… well, I’m about 90% free at this point in the game. I will admit that my first response to “what do you want for supper?” is always “cheesy bread sticks”!

I’m not a health nut. Really, I’m not! I know the right things to do for myself to achieve optimal health, but I tend to be more interested in instant gratification and being lazy. Sound familiar? I am trying to turn myself into a runner and keep failing. I know the side effects of eating cheesy bread but I still crave them. At my last fitness assessment, I was told that I was fit & fat. BUTTTTTTTTTTT! I try every day to be better. I have the knowledge and I am working on the willpower and time to be healthy. Please note: bacon is a health food & wine is required for life support. I will not be giving either of those things up in the near future!

I love to debate, but some might call it arguing. I would say it’s in my genetic makeup that I love to argue so much and I just can’t help swearing, but my mother wouldn’t be happy with me. (I will say if you see me in a professional setting then you probably have never seen this side of me and never will. I understand time and place.) Why do I argue? I don’t know. It is just a natural way to have a conversation to me and it is a great stress reliever too.

I’m a really bad writer. Truthfully, I am. My brain goes way faster than my hands and my eyes auto-correct everything. I promise you if you decide to hang around and I hope you do, that you will find grammar & spelling issues. Grammarly and proofreaders don’t catch everything. I have learned to accept it and attempt my best to compensate for this imperfection. I just ask that you don’t think less of my intelligence because of a couple typos.


Now that you have scratched the surface of my life and you can see that I’m not root and berry health nut, you can decide where you go from here.


If you are looking to take the plunge into this lifestyle, I recommend starting here.  A grain & dairy free lifestyle is great if you have blood sugar issues/diabetes, are having infertility issues, or are just ready to get healthy.


Maybe you’re looking for some easy tips to reduce the pain in your body. I have a couple herniated disk in my lower back and do physical work for a living, so I know a thing or two about pain management beyond drugs. Check out these post to get you started.


Look here for simple tricks to start detoxifying your life. Reduce the stress. Lose the weight. Increase your sleep. Organize your life. It is all of these little steps that help you add to your health.


Head over to Rambling Cowgirl to learn more about ranch life, my personal misadventures, running a business or being self-employed in the modern age.


This doesn’t have to be goodbye because you are welcome to look around some more, but I would like to say “thank you” for stopping by to visit. I want to stay in touch with you so I can say “hi!” now and again. Please be sure to look me up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or keep up to date by joining my mailing list. If you have questions or need help, please feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, farewell and TTYS.

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